The first HYIP that truly invest your money.

We are REAL TRADERS that will trade with your investment in the Forex market, as well as some CFD and specific long-term cryptos. We know that we can't compete with the actual 1000% a month HYIP plans out there, but at least we won't disappear with your money.

To compensate lower profits, we offer our investors the ability to cancel their investment and withdraw both deposit and profits at any time, as we don't care about maintaining the deposits to pay investors, as the money comes from the real market.

The HYIP that Profit & Pays investors

We are the new generation of HYIP that truly invest investors money.

We are slower than others, but we are
truly investing your money.

Stop thinking about day/weeks profits, as our plans may appear less interesting due to high profit plans from ponzis out there. In 3 months you can get up to 20% of your investment which we believe is a lot considering the money is coming from real trading and not from other investors.


from $25


Monthly profit



from $5.000


Monthly profit

What can we offer you?:

4 plans

Daily payments

Cancel at any time

Real investment

BTC and PM

Instant withdrawal

Easy UI

Affiliate plans

0% fee

Do you like to work as an affiliate?

If you want to become a MaxBanker affiliate (even without investing), you can. You will get 0.5% of your investors deposits, up to 3 levels (0.2% and 0.1%). If you are a top affiliate, you can ask us to become a Representative.

Earn passive income

The more you invite, the more comission you earn. Earn steady income from your investors deposits.

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Level 3 Commission

Refer us to your friends to earn more income as they make investment.

Representative Commission
Level 1 Commission
Level 2 Commission
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Double up on your earnings by joining representatives. Join now!

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