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real platform.

We will distribute client investments to our brokerages where we trade the real market, this means it will take several days to place your investment where we need it, but investors get paid from the very first day. Keep in mind that there are months where we can be below the expected profit, but investors are guaranteed their daily/monthly profit as specified in their plans, as the earnings tends to stabilize over time.

You can withdraw your money at any time (check FAQ), as we don't need other investors money to pay you. The new HYIP generation is here. Use the calculator below to check your future profits.


from $25


Monthly profit



from $5.000


Monthly profit

What can we offer you?:

4 plans

Daily payments

Cancel inv.

Real inv.

BTC and PM

Instant w.

Easy UI


0% fee

Calculate your earnings

20.00 USD

Daily profit

140.00 USD

Weekly profit

600.00 USD

Monthly profit

7300.00 USD

Yearly profit

How it works?


Create your accounts in under a few minutes and become an investor right away.


You can invest as much as you want. Before giving your decision, you will be able to see your future earnings.


Now sit back. You can follow your investment status and cancel your investment at any time.


You can withdraw your money anytime, no questions asked.

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