We are MaxBanker, the new generation HYIP.

Much better than a hedge fund.

We are a group of traders with years of experience in the markets, we have a stable system to generate steady profits, but need more capital. We setup MaxBanker to manage investors money the HYIP way. We aim to be the first HYIP that provides this kind of service.

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What is MaxBanker?

MaxBanker is a project that will change the perspective of HYIP websites, as we are able to offer real investment to our clients and give you total control of your money. This will be a long journey but we think this is very possible.

Are you ready to invest? Create an account in just a few seconds and start investing today. You can try MaxBanker as low as $25.

Why MaxBanker?

We all agree that is better to have slower but steady profits than someone steal all your money into a 1000% a month program. We hope to start the new generation of HYIP programs that provide investors with real investments.

Real investing.

Your money will be used for real trading the markets and your earnings will come from there. You don't need to worry about the project balance as all your profits come from the real market.

Real experience.

Investing with MaxBanker is easy, just create an account, deposit and watch it grow. No complex UI and clear investment terms.

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